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Notes from Paula

"I have spent most of my life trying to figure myself out.  It wasn’t until I found my personality explicitly explained in the Enneagram that I began to deeply understand why I do what I do. My only regret is not having such a remarkable tool earlier in my journey, which is why I am so passionate about sharing the Enneagram in my practice.” Type 8

The Enneagram, pronounced “any-a-gram,” is a word that comes from the Greek words, ennea, meaning, nine, and, gram, which means, model. The Enneagram is both a symbol and a system of self-discovery that describes nine basic personality types. The Enneagram symbol can be traced back to ancient times, but in the 1970’s, personality theorists began using the enneagram as a way of explaining and understanding differences in people. Today, therapists, coaches, educators, clergy and consultants around the world use it.

Each point on the diagram represents a certain strategy that we tend to take on when interacting with the world. The Enneagram describes our habitual preferences for this style as well as offering us a transformational process by which we can grow and develop beyond these patterns.

Learning about the Enneagram not only helps us better understand ourselves, it also expands our understanding of and compassion for others. This knowledge is useful in every environment including home, work, school and our communities.

Click below to learn more about the nine distinct personality types through The Enneagram Institute.

Type One "The Reformer"

Type Two "The Helper"

Type Three "The Achiever"

Type Four "The Individualist"

Type Five "The Investigator"

Type Six "The Loyalist"

Type Seven "The Enthusiast"

Type Eight "The Challenger"

Type Nice "The Peacemaker"


We use the Enneagram at PeachTherapy because it is one of the easiest and most insightful systems for creating a greater understanding of ourselves and of others. Using the Enneagram as a guide, we can expedite the therapeutic process thanks to the high predictability value we find in the behaviors and motivations of different types. There is much that the Enneagram can reveal to us once we have identified our particular personality style. The Enneagram informs us of our strengths, as well as our more challenged areas in life and relationships. We can identify the light and shadow parts of the self and create a treatment plan that is custom designed to meet us right where we are!

Our goal at PeachTherapy is to have you feeling better quickly. Simply put, this tool is invaluable in understanding all relationships, how to communicate better and connect more deeply. Whether you need help navigating work relationships, or those at home, we start with the relationship you have with yourself, your “EGO”.  What is it that is motivating YOUR behavior and responses to others? Why do you get mad at yourself and then project it outward? Can you even imagine how fantastic it would be to attend 3 sessions and immediately feel like your therapist/coach gets you and understands things no one else ever has? Or, maybe you have been in therapy/coaching but never got to this point? The Enneagram is a remarkable system that jumps starts each of us into an awakening about ourselves and the world we have created. Your therapist/coach will use this information to open the box you backed yourself into and help you awaken to endless new horizons while revealing your true potential!

The Enneagram is useful because we believe it gives us a thorough look at the entire individual and our lifetime search for answers to many questions including who we are and why we are here.

Your therapist/coach will give an assessment after your initial session. Once completed and scored your results will be shared with you on your second session. During each session following, your Enneagram type will be a reference point. This is an efficient and effective way to see behavior with a new awareness enabling you to make conscious decisions for changes in life. Consistent work on type and understanding the other 8 world views available to you, is key to progressing in therapy and coaching.

Coaching with the Enneagram reveals hidden motivations and behaviors to clients with a much clearer understanding that enables goal oriented change from the InSideOut. Clients find great relief in this new understanding of themselves! If you are having a hard time making changes in your personal or professional life and need help pursuing the next level in your growth, Cathy will assist with this next step in your self-discovery.

Corporate Enneagram 400 – Maximizing Core Strategies
This half-day workshop is perfect for energizing the office as participants identify core motivations and strategies and learn how to maximize their potential in contributing to the team.  This highly interactive workshop promises to have everyone engaged and talking.  Give your team the invaluable tool of understanding the enneagram structures that make us unique yet increase compassion for others who are different.

Part One: InSideOut Enneagram 101 – An Introductory Workshop
This workshop introduces the 9 cores personality types and how each views and reacts to the world.  Participants identify their type and reflect on their internal motivators to identify areas they may want to change or enhance to achieve a higher understanding of their selves.

Part Two: InSideOut Enneagram 201 – Balancing Conflict Workshop
The harmonics are another way to group the Enneagram personality types.  This is important in understanding how we deal with conflict and how our personality responds when we don’t get what we need.  Understanding these 3 component responses and the importance of balance is needed for resolution to conflict and building overall teamwork and making it to the win-win.

Part Three: ISO Enneagram 301 – A Two Day Customized Workshop Follow-up with Cathy Chamberlain and Paula Ehrmann, Enneagram Specialists:
Customization will be coordinated with the Human Resource Manager(s).  This package includes individual coaching, pre-testing and evaluations as well as working in small group settings with managers and employees helping to incorporate practical methods for utilizing the Enneagram in the workplace.  The final plan for customization will be confirmed upon completion of Part Two.  Once completed, employees will be asked for feedback regarding specific requests and Part Three will be designed to accommodate those needs.

Contact Us for more information on the Enneagram and related services.

“The study of the Enneagram is the study of EVERYTHING that keeps us from ESSENCE.”

Russ Hudson, Type 5

"Using the Enneagram model, Janet and I were able to finally make sense of our differences. We are very grateful PeachTherapy could get to our issues so quickly.”

Brandon, Type 9

"So many of our problems were related to our communication styles. Now, Brandon and I realize that, all along, we had the same values and goals. We learned how to connect without trying to change each other.”

Janet, Type 7

“Paula and Cathy’s Enneagram workshop sparked a curiosity in the concept that has lived on in my journey to better understand my own psychological and spiritual “DNA,” and to give me insight into how I can work and interact more effectively and graciously with others.”

Thomas, Type 1

Advisor, Speaker, Author
“Through this workshop series I learned a lot about myself as well as the other viewpoints on my team. I really enjoyed trying out these new concepts. The practical and fun exercises created a great atmosphere to interact and connect with other managers.”

Donna, Type 2

Bank Manager
“After our first workshop, the office conversations kept growing. In one afternoon, our staff had gained a new understanding and appreciation for their colleagues. The individual coaching and assessments were invaluable to our sales approach and company environment. We are all looking forward to our Part Two!”

Frank, Type 8

Business Owner
“We have greatly benefited from both the Enneagram 101 and Harmonics trainings, allowing and facilitating the platform for self-reflection and insight that has led to more effective management skills. With a (the) foundation of self-awareness the Enneagram offers, we have learned techniques to better manage and resolve conflict by better understanding individual needs in the work place. These trainings have provided invaluable insight to our teams, and we thank Paula for being such a dynamic instructor!”

Cathy, Type 3

Chief Marketing and Human Resources Officer
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